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HUGE SALE!! Steady Crafter In The Wild T-Shirt


Slow and steady wins the craft - and makes it more enjoyable too!

Every day we get to see the beauty of the Steady Craftin' community, with the wonderful projects you create, the support you show and the wonderful way you all interact. We wanted a way for y'all to bring this digital connection into the physical and figured this might be a good way to do that. So, if you're out and about (especially around your favorite hobby store) and happen to see the SCITW symbol, make sure to say "Hello!" and maybe get a pic with your new friend. We can even make #scitw the go-to tag so you can spread your joy back in the digital world.

Shirt is Jersey Cotton in Charcoal Grey color. Stickers sold separately.
Designed by David Gonzalez.

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