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It's finally here! Our dream of producing our own figures (in house) has finally come true!

Get your very own Pocketnaut, complete with 4 face pieces that allow you to have 16...uhh, I mean 14 different faces to display. Flip it, turn it...flip it, turn it. :D

WARNING: Choking hazard.
Collectible figure - not for children under 14.

Figure is 56mm tall.

***Production Update: We're working on finding a good flow for filming in the shop, as well as producing the Pocketnaut figures. It's not feasible to do both at the same time, so when Crafsman isn't filming, the Crafsfamily will be producing. This means we won't be having BIG releases of the figure, but the hope is that we will list however many we can make in a week, every week. So keep your eyes peeled for small releases as we settle into a good workflow. :D
We can't thank y'all enough for your support and are thrilled that you all are enjoying the figure!